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Open letter to Tun Dr. Mahathir and the CEP

In the month of June 2018, I was unceremoniously placed into the dubious category of “17,000 political appointees”.  My resignation was “requested,” by the Council of Eminent Persons (and I complied immediately), as the Panel-Chairman of the Young Entrepreneurs of SME Corp.  My role implemented and spearheaded programs to facilitate young entrepreneurs.  Other ministries and agencies modeled these programs and followed suit.

During this tenure, one of my proudest achievements is the establishment of Tunas Usahawan Bumiputera (TUBE); a yearlong mentorship program for more than 5,000 entrepreneurs.

As a true Malaysian, my number one priorities have been:
1.    Love my country - see it prosper, see it grow
2.    Help other Malaysians to succeed and prosper
3.    Patriotic and support the directions of the government

Our new government must champion the causes, efforts and rights of the brave entrepreneurs of Malaysia who face challenges, obstacles and headaches every single day.  I know this because I’m a Malaysian entrepreneur and face these challenges every single day too. 

GLCs should not be competing with local enterprises and should only act as an investor for local enterprises.  Our FMCGs are being dwarfed and sidelined by imported products.  The same goes for the pharmaceutical industry.

KPUN (the new Entrepreneurship Ministry) must have a supervisory and power for all govt related offline and Online marketing channels.  And all vendor programs should come under the purview and supervision of KPUN.  There must be a vertical program for strategic industries or categories. A detailed plan of action for systematic growth from local to global must be created and implemented.

Before 9th May, I suspected (but didn’t really believe) that the people would bring PH into power.  Deep down, I supported this.  The changes and improvements thus far have been eye opening and very welcome.

For too long, entrepreneurs and companies have created products, programs, projects and services hoping to strike it rich by “selling” to government.

With the new transparency-focused government, we need to change our mindset and function as commercial entities, as viable profitable enterprises, as companies focusing on bringing our goods to the market, not just to the government.

We need to stop focusing on getting money from the government as our “ideal” source of income.  For too long, businesses created products, programs and services to cater to the government’s “needs” and pitch these in the hope of striking it rich.

Here’s the formula for entrepreneurship and profitable enterprise:

The work mindset I have placed ultimate importance is this guiding principle.  Important points, such as; funding, facilitation, capacity building and market expansion need to be continuingly & successfully advocated with special clarification of “Youth” to ease and streamline these processes for the development, expansion and enhancement of businesses & entrepreneurs in Malaysia.

Businesses and entrepreneurs in Malaysia need to develop and enhance a thriving ecosystem that allows the creativity and professionalism to bring goods and services to market, locally and internationally.

The mantra of “Economi Satukan Kita” is very much line with the philosophy of the PH government, our esteemed leaders and the Council of Eminent Persons (CEP).

With the firm belief of constant growth, constant develop and constant improvement, the ideals of the CEP are what Malaysia needs today, we’ve needed this for many years, and it’s finally happening.

Like the vision of the CEP, I’m utterly and whole-heartedly committed in assisting & guiding the business community, raising the prestige and status of Malaysia back to where we should be.

Here’s what I would like to tell the CEP; please don’t just look at all the GLCs, projects, activities, policies and programs.  I would also humbly request that the CEP take some of their valuable time, skills, knowledge, experience and expertise and include the betterment, advancement and improvement of the SMEs, businesses and entrepreneurs of Malaysia. 

This category is vital to the economy of Malaysia.  Collectively, SMEs and entrepreneurs make up the largest group of employers, the biggest contributors to our economy and the drivers of innovation, creativity and velocity of money in Malaysia.

Let’s improve entrepreneurial skills & mindset.
Let’s focus on expanding new markets locally & internationally.
Let’s up-skill business techniques, strategies & systems of SMEs & entrepreneurs.
Let’s have a proper support system for SMEs.
Let’s increase the regard, respect and perception of the risks and challenges that SMEs face and endeavor to overcome.

Yes, while we have GLCs, the large corporations and MNCs, the lifeblood of the economy of Malaysia has always been the SME and entrepreneurs. 

For many years, the foundation of my principles has been to contribute, as best I can, to my beloved country, the economy, the advancement of skills of SMEs, businesses and entrepreneurs of Malaysia.

I will continue my efforts to constantly improve, raise the bar, focus on advancement, opening new markets and guide the 7,000 members of GMB to this goal. I owe this to them for their trust and confidence in me since 2012.

A humble, sincere request to the CEP; please take some of your focus of rebuilding, restructuring and improving Malaysia and turn it to the vital SMEs, budding entrepreneurs and the bread and butter businesses of Malaysia.

Let’s not only prove to ourselves, but also to the rest of the world that the entrepreneurs and businesses of our beloved Negaraku can play and perform not only nationally, but also the international marketplace.

Let’s bring the stature and status back up again; prove and show the world we are not a backward or behind-the-times group of people.

Let’s bring pride in calling ourselves Malaysian and place our SMEs and entrepreneurial talent in line with our capabilities, strengths, innovation, creativity and expertise in the marketplace.
With a pointed focus on upgrading, teaching & implementing world-class business skills, we can eradicate the “cable” idea of doing business in Malaysia and be rewarded on our merit and talents.

As a Malaysian, I am proud of our harmonious mix of culture, race, language and abilities. I commit to doing my part and contributing to the betterment of our Malaysian identity and removing the embarrassing stigma of our recent past.

We should look onward and upward to our future because with the right focus and grooming of our entrepreneurs in boosting talent, raising skills, adjusting mindset and increasing exposure and markets, we will definitely embody the renewed spirit and ingrain the entrepreneurial mindset in conjunction with Malaysia Baru Bersama.

Thank you

Agil Faisal,
President of Generasi Muda Berjaya

MR : CEP is not the people's choice in the GE14. Can they run openness in solving the burden of people and national economic organizations?....


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8 ulasan:

  1. Do you know my case ? I am a transplant Surgeon working in Coventry was destined to get a job in Hospital UiTM to become a Vascular Surgeon there. Had an interview. Met various people including the Dean and Vice Dean. Happy to start early. Started the Registration process. Then.... I heard that the appointment for Higher level staff (DU50+) was frozen.....

    Can you believe it ???

    Dont blame the "Bright and Brilliant" Malays for not coming home....

  2. Memang inilah yang Cina mahukan. Supaya orang Melayu yang pandai-pandai tidak akan dapat menguasai ekonomi Malaysia. Kamu nampak tak ? Bencinya Cina terhadap orang Melayu. "17000 kakitangan kerajaan " itu majoriti besar Melayu tau ! Melayu yang bijak pandai , yang ada kepakaran yang mana boleh hidupkan Negara Teknokrat PAS....

    Tengoklah penulisan di atas. Satu penulisan daripada orang yang terpelajar. Tengok bahasa pun dah tahu.

    Itulah dia yang merosakkan Negara kita siapa lagi kalau bukan barua dan balaci kafir.

    Kalau tak bangkit lagi memang betul bodoh dan bangang.

    1. Apa blh buat.. salahkan jg penyokong2 pas yg berpaling mnyokong ph lps tghadi bw keluar pas dr pakatan rkyt.. di slngor rmai bekas ahli pas masuk ph. Trmasuk yg berjanggut dan ke msjid dl.

    2. PAS keluar ke atau dikeluarkan ?
      Pakatan Rakyat ? Siapa yang buat deklarasi "Pakatan Rakyat sudah berkubur"? Sila semak fakta kamu.

    3. Nak salahkan PAS memang senang. Nak salahkan sesiapa pun memang senang. Cuma sebelum kamu salahkan sesiapa , sila semak fakta kamu.

      Siapa yang jadi dalang yang mahu memecahkan PAS ? Golongan mana ? Mengapa salahkan Tuan Guru Haji Hadi jikalau wujud golongan ini jadi barua kafir ? Barua kafir ini bukan buqt kerja senyap-senyap tapi buat kerja secara terang ! Tak payah nak buat surat layang pun boleh tahu siapa golongan ini.

      Golongan yang dahulu siang malam lawan Mahathir. Kali ini sokong Mahathir. U-turn.

      PAS ambil pendirian untuk bersendirian kerana tidak mahu bersekongkol dengan DAP dan Mahathir.

      Tapi mata rakyat dikabui dengan politik persepsi dan fitnah ciptaan dan jajaan Mahathir.

      Dalam manifesto tak menyatakan sedikit pun tentang UiTM , JAKIM , kedudukan Raja-raja Melayu , bahasa Melayu dan IKSIM tapi itu pula yang diserangnya.

      Mana manifesto PH ? Mana ?.

      Penipu. Pengkhianat.

  3. Ulasan ini telah dialihkan keluar oleh pengarang.

    1. Ala.. napa delete min.
      Tak sempat baca. Kot2 ada yg mnarik

    2. Memang menarik.
      Sebab PH ni cakap tak serupa bikin.
      Pernah dengar tak nabi kata ada golongan manusia yang "Apabila dia berkata , dia berdusta , dan apabila dia berjanji dia khianati perjanjian itu"

      Siapa dia golongan yang langgar bai'ah ?
      Siapa dia golongan yang jadi barua kapir ?
      Mana dia Ustad Wan Ji ? Kenapa senyap ? Bukankah seronok melihat Institusi Islam dikecam dan diserang oleh golongan liberal ?