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Husam Musa the star witness in the RM90 million controversy

The MACC will be meeting the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) later today to discuss how to proceed with the RM90 million case (READ MORE HERE: SPRM ‘tai chi’ masalah RM90 juta kepada Peguam Negara).

Pakatan Harapan, in particular PAN a.k.a. Amanah, cannot afford for Ambiga Sreenevasan to face criminal charges. But then Clare Rewcastle Brown blundered and named Ambiga as her source. So someone is going to take the fall, either Ambiga or Clare.

Amanah has asked Husam Musa to testify and tell the MACC that it was he who told Ambiga that former prime minister Najib Tun Razak had donated RM90 million to PAS and a number of the party leaders. That was the reason why three days ago the MACC announced that Husam is one of those they are going to interrogate regarding the RM90 million donation.

Amanah has asked Husam to testify and tell the MACC that it was he who told Ambiga that Najib had donated RM90 million to PAS and a number of the party leaders

Husam is going to tell the MACC that he was still a PAS leader at the time the RM90 million was negotiated and, in fact, he was involved in the negotiations.

But then Husam left the party in 2015 while, according to Clare, the RM90 million transaction happened in 2016, one year later.

They are trying to get the timeline right or else they will face problems like in the Anwar Ibrahim Sodomy 1 trial where Anwar was charged for sodomising Azizan Abu Bakar in an apartment that had not been built yet.

PAS will be waiting for Husam’s testimony and as soon as he makes his announcement a witness will testify that, when he was in PAS, Husam was, and still is, being funded by the Chinese gambling syndicate. A witness has already come forward to inform PAS about this and has offered to sign a Statutory Declaration revealing that, for more than three decades, Husam was on the payroll of the Chinese gambling syndicate.

The multi-billion Chinese gambling syndicate has been funding Husam for more than three decades, which Bukit Aman knows about, and a witness has offered to testify

Husam is also going to be implicated with a certain Umno leader who is now facing criminal charges. This Umno leader is a proxy for the Chinese gambling syndicate, which is headed by a very close associate of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, and which owns 50,000 slot machines or ‘one-armed bandits’ all over East and West Malaysia.

The slot machine business is a multi-billion industry and Husam has been receiving funding from this syndicate since the 1980s. If Husam makes his declaration that he was involved in negotiating the RM90 million donation from Najib, PAS is going to tear Husam to shreds with the revelation that the Chinese gambling syndicate has been financing Husam for three decades.

This issue is becoming more exciting by the day and it now all boils down to whom blinks first, Husam or PAS. Knowing Husam, though, he would probably get cold feet and back down. The last thing his so-called Islamic party needs is one of their key leaders being revealed as a lackey of the Chinese gambling syndicate.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

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