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Muhyiddin must slaughter all his enemies and replace them with his cronies

The article by KTemoc Konsiders (extracted from Finance Twitter), which you can read below, is just one of many such articles by pro-Pakatan Harapan or anti-Muafakat Nasional (the Umno-PAS coalition) news sites and portals.

The theme is always the same and the flavour of all the articles standard. In short, they are anti-Perikatan Nasional. It is just different words twisted in different ways to say the same thing. And the message is: Pakatan Harapan is good and Perikatan Nasional or Muafakat Nasional is bad.

They know the COVID-19 pandemic crisis is a political feather-in-the-cap for Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin. The worst is yet to come, of course, and the world has not even seen the peak yet. Nevertheless, Malaysia is faring far better than many more advanced countries and Pakatan Harapan is finding it very difficult to run Muhyiddin down against the backdrop of Malaysia’s ‘success’.

It is time to slaughter all your enemies and replace them with your cronies
The real test of the pudding, no doubt, is going to be in how well Malaysia recovers economically. But then Tun Daim Zainuddin predicted Malaysia is going to go bankrupt in September. So, if that does not happen, then credit would have to be given to Muhyiddin.

How can you condemn Muhyiddin for inheriting a ‘bankrupt’ country, as they allege, and still keep the country going post-September? Only a genius can do that. Maybe Pakatan Harapan should not have overplayed the Malaysia going bankrupt story because if it does not happen then Muhyiddin will be praised for it.

The bone of contention is regarding how Muhyiddin is fumigating the government and disinfecting all the viruses inherited from Pakatan Harapan. They are trying to insinuate all sorts of things (such as in the article below) — even corruption, cronyism, political patronage and abuse of power.

Call it what you want. A rose by any other name still smells sweet like a rose. What Muhyiddin is doing is ridding the government of its Deep State. That is all. When a new US President or British PM takes over the government, the first thing they do is ‘out with the old, in with the new’.

Muafakat Nasional will keep Muhyiddin in power as long as there is a power-sharing trade-off

That is natural, as natural as having sex when you get married. So what’s the big deal?

Muhyiddin MUST clean out his government and replace Pakatan Harapan appointees, proxies and nominees with his own. If he does not, then he is one dumb Melayu who deserves to get ousted the first day that parliament convenes.

Muhyiddin needs to launch his own ‘killing fields’ a la Cambodia. He needs to massacre and bury all his enemies and potential enemies in mass graves. He needs to conduct ethnic cleansing of Pakatan Harapan activists and sympathisers. He needs to step on and squash all those who wish him harm like one would a cockroach.

Mahathir puppet master denying Anwar the PM position
(KTemoc Konsiders) – We know why Mr. Mahathir appears to have accepted Muhyiddin as his successor, despite his initial cries that he was incredibly sad with the betrayal of his most trusted lieutenant. The 94-year-old fox was the real puppet master who had given his blessing for Muhyiddin to topple his own government. The coup was to deny PM-in-waiting Anwar Ibrahim from taking over the leadership.

In the same breath, Mahathir could use Muhyiddin as his proxy to tap into the 6-million support base of UMNO and PAS to retain power. On its own, Mahathir’s weak party Bersatu (PPBM) had only 25 seats in the 222-seat Parliament. Not only had the old man stolen 11 MPs from Anwar’s PKR party with the defection of Azmin Ali’s faction, Bersatu now controls PAS’ 18 MPs and UMNO’s 39 MPs.

The sudden migration of 11 MPs linked to Azmin, who was caught in a gay sex video scandal, has increased Bersatu’s “direct and indirect” number of MPs to 36. We had said this a dozen of times and we’ll say this again. Mahathir’s endgame is to merge his party with UMNO. And now Kadir Jasin, Mahathir’s media and communications adviser, has admitted that possibility.

The idea of giving every UMNO and PAS MP (who had not been given a minister or a deputy minister post) a chairmanship in GLCs is clearly a despicable act of bribery to buy the loyalty of allies, especially UMNO warlords. With Bersatu’s strength ballooned to 36 MPs, it can now negotiate – on an equal level – with UMNO’s 39 MPs to form a new Malay party that possesses 75 MPs.

Of course, now that his proxy Muhyiddin is in the driver’s seat, Mahathir could save the embarrassing moment of having to rub shoulders and sharing jokes and laughters with the same UMNO crooks whom he had despised and condemned earlier, such as Najib Razak, Zahid Hamidi, Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim, Tengku Adnan, Bung Moktar.

Whether he realizes it or not, the disgraceful PM Muhyiddin is building a “New Kleptocracy Order” – feeding all the power-hungry, immoral and corrupt politicians from UMNO and PAS with a bloated Cabinet of 71 ministers and chairmanships in GLCs. Mr. Kadir should stop insulting people’s intelligence by constantly trumpeting that Mahathir would not accept UMNO en bloc.

Perhaps he should explain the speculation that his boss’ son, Mukhriz Mahathir, may not challenge the so-called traitor Muhyiddin for the presidency of Bersatu. If indeed Mahathir can’t stomach the prospect of the return of crooks like Najib Razak and Zahid Hamidi to power, should not Muhyiddin be denied his chance to retain his post uncontested in the upcoming Bersatu election?

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