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Praise be to Allah!

Guidance belongs to Allah (SWT)

At the beginning, dad felt embarrassed when he found out his son was hugging ISLAM because the father was famous for his father. But today with the power of Allah (SWT) father can accept and be able to visit his child as usual.

Praying for father and family to enter Islam together....

Amen, Lord of the worlds.

′′ The first day that I know that I'm Muslim.. I remember that the first word that I said, I said... I'm ashamed of the person. Father is to Abbot. My child is so strong... I can't accept it..!! but today.. Allah (s b) let us see and see that Allah (s. B) I can do everything human including this child. I cannot imagine.. On the day of visiting the father, I am not ashamed of the temple.. Father also visits my daughter's house. Love you, baby.. 😍😊 someday Allah (s. B) Responding to Father and our family to be all Allah's people with In Sha Allah 😭😭

Please let me see uncle ′′


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